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”Dan T. Sehlberg is a fabulously skilled writer who delivers one of the best surprises in the suspense genre this year.” Weekend Avisen (Denmark)

"Mona hits all the right spots.”
Daily Telegraph (Australia)

"A grounded, character-driven thriller and a sci-fi tour-de-force."
Max Borenstein, Film writer and Director (USA)

”Mona is an amazingly well-written thriller. It is one of those novels that has something for everyone: conceptually breathtaking, emotionally compelling and paced throughout with high-octane pursuit, Mona is a 21st century thriller of the very highest quality.”
ABC (Australia)

”The thriller of the year" (Denmark)

"A well-written and pacy techno thriller"
Femina (Sweden)

"We face a true writer. MONA defends a medal in the intelligent entertainment segment."
Aftenposten (Norway)

”One of the best books this year”

"Mona: a ray of sunshine has arrived in the often too superficial world of international thrillers!"
Lettura Horror (Italy)

”Dan T. Sehlberg is a meticulous researcher who cares greatly about the pacing and rhythm of a text.”
Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

”A true readers’ delight, think Michael Crichton – only better."
OzNoir (Australia)

”A chilling debut from Sehlberg - Mona delivers!”
The Globe And Mail (Canada)

"A well-written and crisply narrated thriller in an environment of international politics, spiked with IT and neurological ideas."
BTJ (Sweden)

"Mona is a very imaginative crime novel, incredibly suspenseful all the way through - and it is strongly recommended."
Bogpusheren (Denmark)

"A Swedish thriller with international appeal. The combination of advanced computer technology, terrorism, politics, love and straightforward suspense works perfectly. /.../ Exceptionally good suspense... the characters are vividly rendered. In other words, highly recommended - and what a delight that a sequel is on its way."
Litteratursiden (Denmark)

The author

Born in 1969, Dan T. Sehlberg is a Swedish thriller author and entrepreneur, known for the Eric Söderqvist series; the internationally acclaimed novel MONA and its upcoming sequel SINON.

Dan’s father, Bo Sehlberg, was a well-known aviation pilot, photographer and journalist. Throughout his career, he wrote several crime novels (published by B. Wahlström) as well as nonfiction books for the aviation industry.

Dan inherited his father’s passion for writing, getting his start at the age of fourteen as a journalist for one of Sweden’s leading music magazines.

He began studying classical piano at the age of eight and would later become part of the rock band Nova. The group recorded an album and played at several Swedish music festivals and clubs in the mid 80s. Dan has also composed and recorded music for film and multimedia projects.

Today, Dan work as a partner and financial officer in the real-estate firm Svenska Vårdfastigheter, a company that he founded in 2009. Svenska Vårdfastigheter produces and owns sustainable nursing homes. As an entrepreneur, Dan has launched companies ranging from Sweden’s first travel booking website to social media ventures.

Dan lives with his wife and two daughters in Stockholm. He retreats to the tranquility of Sörmland, on the southeastern coast of Sweden, to work on his books.

Dan holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.
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the books

The two initial novels, centered around protagonist professor Eric Söderqvist, form a suspenseful and original thriller-tale based on a breathtaking concept that verges on science fiction. The page-turning plot is closely related to real developments in the fields of thought-controlled systems and cyber warfare.
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Eric Söderqvist, professor of computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, has invented Mind Surf: a thought-controlled system that allows people with disabilities to browse the web.

Lebanese Samir Mustaf is a former MIT professor whose daughter Mona was killed by an Israeli cluster bomb five years earlier. He has just completed the most sophisticated computer virus the world has ever seen, for the purpose of a cyber attack against Israel’s financial system.

Eric’s wife Hanna falls into a coma – struck by an aggressive and previously unknown virus – after having tested her husband’s invention. The doctors are at a loss. Although everyone around him thinks he’s gone mad, Eric is convinced that his wife has been infected by a powerful computer virus known as Mona, and that the only way he can save her is by tracking down its creator.
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Sinon is convinced: Humanity is finished. It´s time for a reboot.

Hanna, married to IT professor Eric Söderqvist, is the only one who survived after being infected by the new virus NCoLV. Cryonordic, a biotech company in Uppsala says they are close to a vaccine, but the required antibodies only exist in Hanna's bloodstream. Eric is suspicious; rumors has it the owners may be linked to terrorism.

Akim Katz, code-named Sinon, is in Israeli captivity. For a long time he was one of the Prime Minister's principal advisers until being exposed as a spy for Hezbollah. After a dramatic rescue, Cryonordic gives him a secret mission. But his strive for revenge is strong and Sinon alters the project into something completely different, something much more catastrophic.

Eric realizes that his beloved Hanna is in danger. And who can offer a more efficient protection than Mossad agent Rachel Papo, a friend of Eric that just happens to show up at their house in the Stockholm archipelago. Little does he know whom Rachel really works for, or that her ruthlessness knows no bounds.

swedish inspiration

"In Sweden, storytelling is in the very soil of the land, with animated tales dating back long before the Vikings. With its dynamic history and diverse scenery, Sweden has always represented a source of inspiration for artists, writers and entrepreneurs.

I allocate most of my writing time to Sörmland. With widespread fields, high skies, deep woods and beautiful lakes, it’s the perfect place to reflect as well as to uncover new ideas and narratives. Sometimes a place of solitude, sometimes a lively gathering post for friends and family,Sörmland is also the favorite place of our English cocker spaniel, Dandy.

The city of Stockholm has been dubbed the capital of Scandinavia. It spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and opens up to the Baltic Sea and the archipelago. The beauty of Stockholm lies in the convergence of a 700 year-old history, a unique architectural layout and the modernity of an ever growing city. Stockholm is where I live and work when not in Sörmland.
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Photographer Jonas Tulldahl
Every year, I fly up to the north of Sweden together with a group of friends. We stay in a very small cabin by a very small lake, just by the Norwegian border. There, in the beautiful and vaste wilderness of Lappland, we hunt grouse, fish and walk the land of the Sami, the indigenous people who have been living there since the Ice Age.

To me, these unique settings; Sörmland, Stockholm and Lappland, form an important source of inspiration. These are places I encourage everyone to experience.”

Dan T. Sehlberg


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Photographer: Eva Lindblad

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Photographer: Kate Gabor